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Applicants for the ABCP examinations will be judged individually, based on training and experience. The Credentials Committee of the ABCP determines the eligibility of each applicant.

To be eligible for certification by the ABCP, individuals must:


  2. complete the application forms;

  3. provide the supporting credentials required;

  4. pass the examinations in the subsequent examination period.

Canadian Physician applicants must have a valid license to practice medicine in Canada. Canadian Board of Medical Specialties certification may be substituted for an ABMS approved board in order to satisfy requirements. Canadian credentials may be applied specifically to items 1 and 2 of Physician requirements.

Why Be Diplomates of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology and Accreditation of Programs?

1. DABCP looks really great with other credentials after your name. Improves your Professional Branding!

2. Membership in a highly respected professional organization and professional member with peers.

3. Networking and professional peers with similar interests, wisdom, and professionalism for their field.

4. Professional level of comprehensive skills and knowledge verified by examination.

5. A professional certification compared to comrades, or dual/multiple certifications for increased employability.

6. With a certification you earn letters of verification from the ABCP for your credentials for employers.

7. Your quality of work improves because of your basic skills, knowledge, and competencies are validated.

8. Human Resources often do not know the details of many fields, a governing body verifying your abilities and to pass competency exams exceeds national standards is more competitive.

9. Interaction with other professionals of like mindedness and interests, board and committee opportunities. 

10. Competence exams increases confidence, credibility, and integrity of applicants compared to uncertified.

Make the investment in your career and your program!

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