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Reasons for Accreditation of program and Certification of Diplomates:

1. The program will be a part of an elite group of Fellowship Programs graduating CP and AP candidates.

2. The Fellows with have "Benefits" of are a few: 

a) You will be a special member among peers, with dual or multiple certifications!

b) A diplomate of an organization with <500 members certified over the last 45 years, we can say you are among the elite!

c) An average of One of Ten/annum become certified permanently by our professional organization.

d) Being certified assures Human Resources and Employers that you meet professional expertise standards, few can  demonstrate they meet. ABCP will provide verification of permanent certification, and diplomate in good standing for reference checks. Simply, sign a release.

3. Professional organizational opportunities: future board members, exam developers, executive directors, committee chairs. 


Upon successful completion of all requirements and the examination in each respective category, the ABCP will issue a frame worthy certificate with the following categorical designations and you may add your certifications with degrees:

Physician Category:
   John Doe, MD...

After certification you may include: John Doe, MD, DABCP (CP); John Doe, MD, PhD, DABCP (CP) (AP)

Fact: ABCP has only 1 member in 45 years that has taken both exams and is certified in BOTH CP & AP! Another "elite" goal!
Our own executive director: Lionel Lewis
 is uniquely qualified: Lionel Lewis, MA., MB.BCh., MD., DABCP (CP) (AP), FACP. He is an Investigator of new drugs (IND, especially cancer), section chief, former medical director of clinical trials office, tenured medical school faculty member, clinician, and clinical researcher. Additionally, he has published over 160 clinical peer reviewed journal articles. Certificates and Credentials can speak volumes about you. In 2020 he was named British Pharmacology Society Fellow, and in 2022 awarded medallion membership for 20 years of service on the NBME [Step 1 & 2 Medical Exams], Lionel is one of 500 tremendous peer opportunities. Become a part of a uniquely qualified peer group, and in some instances (nationally and internationally) known for body of works. 

Non-Physician and Non-licensed Physician Category:
   John Doe
   ...Accredited in APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY

After certification you may include: John Doe, MD, DABCP (AP) or John Doe, PhD, PharmD...,DABCP (AP)

Dual Certification Physician Category:

   Some of our Diplomates have qualified for and taken both examinations (Applied Pharmacology) and (Clinical 


Use the "Current List of Diplomates" tab to view comprehensive list of members. All certified and accredited diplomates will be listed, under the tab, with their permission.

DABCP means Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology and provides dual Certification.


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