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The American Board of Clinical Pharmacology (ABCP) provides Board Certification in two domains. The first, Clinical Pharmacology (Must be Licensed M.D., at time of exam) and the second, is relevant to research certification in Applied Pharmacology (common applicants: MD, PhD, PharmD, RPh). Each year, our board certification exams are offered through the months of July and August. All applications must be submitted and pre-approved by the active members of the board to sit for the exam. Please, see the examination application and related deadlines, posted under the "Certification" tab. Originally incorporated in 1976, the board became an official standard of certification and accreditation in 1991, for both clinical and applied pharmacology.


The board exams are administered by the Professional Testing organization. Each year, no testing is available on 
(July 4th or the date that is nationally recognized as the 4th's Holiday or on Sat./Sun.). After being approved, and contacted for exam date and site registration, the examination may be taken business days between July 1 and Aug. 31. We have sites throughout the USA and Canada where you can sit the examinations.

Please note: We have only one test cycle period each year!


NOTICE: To qualify to sit for the "Clinical Pharmacology" examination, the examinee must have completed a Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship Training, usually of two years duration, at a Clinical Pharmacology program accredited or registered by the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology, and must be a currently licensed M.D., at the time of the examination, in addition to fulfilling the other requirements as indicated on the relevant application forms, found under the "Certification" tab.

Meeting board approval to sit for and passing the appropriate ABCP examination affords diplomats the honor of carrying the credentials of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology for "Applied Pharmacology, DABCP (AP)" or Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology for "Clinical Pharmacology, DABCP (CP)."

Each DABCP, Diplomate of Clinical Pharmacology is required to have an active medical license to sit the exam. You must comply with the CME relicensing requirements in your state, while our certification is permanent, remaining a diplomate in good standing is a requirement.  We strongly suggest that you take CME or post-fellowship training relevant to both/all areas of certification. 

Remember Research, Publications, Presentations are often given CME or CEU credit and demonstrates ongoing expertise and development in AP and CP.

2021 Celebrated 30 Years of Examinations/Certifications and 45 Years of Incorporation and Accreditation!

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